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what we do

mbora’s vision is to democratise underserved African communities with affordable and reliable access to high quality connectivity & value added services, to provide access to all.

mbora was built on the belief that Digital and Financial Inclusion are the keys to an alternative approach to sustainably developing underserved communities in Sub Saharan Africa.

mbora will achieve this by revolutionising the way underserved communities connect and access services and content online.

mbora connected booths

how we do it

mbora’s purpose is to challenge and disrupt development in underserved African communities with satellite connected Community Wi-Fi Hubs and a platform gateway for digitally delivered essential services into the last mile.

These digitally delivered services will be offered by our Partner Service Providers, who operate out of mbora’s points of presence to extend their reach into new markets. mbora’s platform is relevant to those service providers with proven e-platforms in: financial services; micro-insurance; micro-finance; agriculture; primary healthcare; education; retail; and content.

The consumer experience is improved access and a better quality of life hanging off reliable and affordable connectivity. Local leaders, farmers, fishers, students, and nurses can all now connect to the world in comfortable clean mbora environments within their own communities.

Partner Service Providers

mbora’s Community Wi-Fi Hubs extend the reach of our Partner Service Providers with THEIR essential services. Our Partner Service Providers bring: agricultural services, financial services, micro-insurance, primary healthcare, education, & entertainment content.

Are you a Service Provider with app based digitised products looking to help drive positive change in underserved communities?

Are you a Service Provider looking to access new markets in under-served African communities?

mbora is setup to solve your connectivity and accessibility challenges in supporting you to enter new markets, while ensuring that your consumers are not paying a poverty premium for their connectivity.



Our Agricultural Partner Service Providers comprise a combination of Agro-Dealers, Agri-Tech Apps, and Off-takers, all interested in accessing new connected markets via mbora’s Community Wi-Fi Hubs and the mbora platform gateway.

Small holders require access to: farm inputs; water; market information; technical information; credit, micro-insurance; and, fair markets for their produce.



mbora’s Healthcare Service Provider co-locates their remote medical assistance technology with the local nearby Clinic, or operates from one of the Kiosks in the mbora Wi-Fi Hub.

Offering an app based primary healthcare service that’s connected to experienced Doctors located in major Cities in the region, when required by the local nurse.

Patients medical records being maintained in the cloud.



mbora’s platform gateway aims to offer relevant app based learning opportunities for underserved communities.

Focused on offering ICT, skills-based training, and, vocational training to community youth.

With additional opportunities for local producers and entrepreneurs to upskill.



mbora’s own OTT digital entertainment app enables communities to access, for the first time, affordable world class content from leading studios, and local content, for an improved quality of life.

Content includes: educational; movies; sport; news; series; & kids.

mbora is working on adding healthcare, education, and agricultural channels, to make the content even more relevant.

Financial Services

Financial Services

mbora’s Wi-Fi Hubs aim to unlock scale in the digitisation of agricultural payments by hosting consumer-centric digital financial service providers focused on serving the needs of local small holder farmers and other local producers.

Are you a Financial or Insurance Service Provider looking to access to new African markets?

mbora is interested to engage financial services and micro-insurance providers with e-platforms and product offerings well-suited to underserved agricultural communities.

Spaza Shops

Spaza Shops

Our Partner Retail Service Provider offers basic consumer goods and groceries to the communities mbora serves from a Kiosk within the Wi-Fi Hubs. Many of these groceries being sourced from local producers.

Enabling Community members to enjoy connecting to the world while enjoying fresh produce on a lunch break.

These Spaza shops provide important job opportunities and help address gender inequalities.

Digital Messaging Displays

mbora further supports communities, service providers and any other messaging needs with a digital messaging platform to enable the free-flow of important and relevant information. These displays can also stream commercials.

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